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Unmatched custom design capabilities recognized globally by design engineers who demand reliable switch performance.

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C&K Components, one of the world’s most trusted brands of high-quality electromechanical switches.

  • The C&K Difference

    C&K pioneered the design and development of miniature switch products, and has transformed into the leading supplier of new switching, and electronic component technologies.

  • C&K Value Add Services

    C&K can quickly and efficiently integrate switches and electronics, from simple to complex circuitry, into attractive and functional packages that assembly into customers' finished products.

  • Environment / Green Statement

    C&K Components is aware of the environmental regulations and all of the duties which arise from these regulations.

Over 88 years of switch technology…

  • 1928

    Jeanrenaud Switch Company founded as a manufacturer in Dole, France.

  • 1945

    The Rudolph Shadow Company founded as a radio repair shop in Berlin, Germany.

  • 1957

    C&K Components founded as a manufacturer of magnetic computer memory units in Newton, Massachusetts.

  • 1974

    ITT Industries acquires Jeanrenaud Switch Co. and the Rudolph Shadow Company.

  • 2000

    ITT Industries acquires C&K Components.

  • 2007

    ITT divests switch division and C&K is formed.

  • 2011

    C&K acquires Comax Industrial Co. Ltd. (Huizhou, China)

  • 2016

    John Boucher hired as CEO. Reset vision, built the growth engine to accelerate brand recognition and market share expansion.


C&K's switch portfolio is used in across a wide range of markets with thousands of different applications.

  • Industrial

    Products and applications in the Industrial industry have several necessary requirements: they must perform at a high-level, last longer than a typical product from another industry – and most importantly, be resilient. Every industrial environment is a harsh one that products and the components that make them up must be prepared for. C&K remains the industry leader.

  • Automotive

    The company’s history of reliability and unmatched custom design capabilities make C&K the only choice for switches that can both withstand the harsh environment that modern vehicles represent and provide a strong foundation for design success. Automotive companies worldwide have come to rely upon C&K’s reliable, high-performance, high-quality switches to power their innovative applications and designs.

  • Consumer

    C&K has the expansive switch portfolio and unmatched custom design capabilities to ensure consumer product designers that they will find the correct switch for their particular innovation, regardless of whether they’re designing personal care devices, home appliances, home office devices, home entertainment systems, smart home systems, home maintenance tools or sports & recreation devices. With C&K, you can rest easy knowing that we have the right switch for the job.

  • Server / Telecom

    C&K Medical switches are the skilled surgeon’s interface to the active components in his advanced minimally invasive surgical tool. C&K is behind the haptics the nurse expects when using a critical diagnostic tool or patient monitoring equipment. C&K Medical switches are the feel the patient gets when using their Home Health Care equipment. Our switches create the soothing touch of the glucose monitors and drug delivery systems when testing or delivering critical medicines.

  • POS / M2M

    At C&K, we understand how critical it is that servers and telecom equipment work correctly. Components in servers, data storage devices, modems, base stations and routers need to be able to stand up to repeated usage as your company’s access to its critical applications and data – its livelihood – depends on it.

  • Aerospace

    C&K’s global manufacturing operations are in compliance with the stringent standards set by the DoD, NASA, FAA and all high-quality aerospace manufacturers and suppliers. With the C&K’s entire manufacturing chain receiving an AS9100 certification, the company can receive orders directly from all over the globe. Product designers can choose to either take advantage of C&K’s portfolio of available switches and unmatched custom design capabilities – or to work alongside a preferred distribution partner to complete their aerospace designs.

Founded in 1928

C&K is one of the world’s most trusted brands of high-quality electromechanical switches. The company’s unmatched custom design capabilities are recognized globally by design engineers who demand reliable switch performance. C&K offers more than 55,000 standard products and 8.5 million switch combinations to companies that design, manufacture and distribute electronics products. Used in automotive, industrial, IoT, wearables, medical, telecom, consumer products, aerospace, and POS terminals, C&K products include tactile, pushbutton, snap-acting, toggle, rocker, detect, DIP, keyswitch, navigation, rotary, slide, switchlock, thumbwheel, smart card readers, high-rel connectors and custom assemblies.

  • 9M Switch Combinations

  • +55,000 Products

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